Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Putin you magnificent bastard!

Via Daily pundit

The Russians have had enough of this bullshit with terrorist. Vadimir Putin told his bad ass boys to hunt down and destroy the people responsible for the inhuman murder of four Russia diplomat in Iraq. Not soldiers, diplomats. I think those silly jihadist have stuck their noses in the tree trunk and found some bees.

On more than one occasion I have wished GWB would do this exact same thing. I have railed against the fact that we play by a different set of rules than the enemy does. Further more it has been to our detriment on more than one occasion. I was talking with a friend toady and we have agreed to disagree on a few things in the past but today I made a point and he concurred. We were discussing the fact that the US will most likely be in Iraq for a very long time to keep order. We were also in Japan for a long time after WWII, he said that they, however, had stopped trying to kill us after we had won. I said " it is amazing what two atomic bombs will do to quell a populace" and also that maybe we should examine this a little more closely in our current situation. I am not advocating nuking Baghdad or even giving it the "Dresden" treatment but we should, in my opinion, be a little more forceful in our dealing with the enemy.

anyway as far as the Russian go...

So Sorry, You Are Fucked Now.