Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Speaking of watching something take off...

Via Yahoo News

I know it had to be blow to Kim Jong Il's already lacking self confidence that he can only go about 35 seconds before he explodes. That is about half as long as a sex starved high schooler at prom. Hell, it takes longer that that for most guys to turn out the lights and get in bed. Those poor bastards in the DPRK have been blustering for the last few weeks about missile this and nuclear war that, well screw them. They can't even light off a fireworks display as large as the one I saw last night. 35 seconds, HA. The US Navy could wipe them off the map in about as long as their top o' the line missile flew, and not even break a sweat. I think the time for six party talks and diplomacy is over. DPRK is a paper tiger at best. If they continue to want to play with the big boys then maybe we should show then how to play at this level.

Note: democratic peoples republic of korea is to hard to type, henceforth I shall refer to it/them as DORKS.