Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tigers 88 - Vols 79

Whew, that was a tough game. The Vols came to play. After Dane Bradshaw called the whole Tiger team "gangbangers and thugs" I assumed we would trounce them. It did not turn out that way. The vols came out with an intensity I have not seen in a while. They had the right game plan to give themselves a chance. They played very aggresivly and the refs let both teams play.

The Fe Ex Forum was sold out and there was not more than twenty orange jerseys in the whole place. Tiger blue through and through.

Shawne Williams really stepped up in the second half and although he took a beating he never let up and finished the Vols off down the stretch. D-Wash had a good game as well as Rodney Carney. All in all a good showing. i was a little worried because we had been so sloppy over the last few games but after Bradshaws' comment I had high hopes.

Go Tigers Go. RPI OF ABOUT TWO!!!


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