Sunday, July 23, 2006

This guy has way more control than I would

Via Malkin

So the story is a Jew goes to a pro Palestine rally with a camera and promptly gets attacked and verbally abused. Now it could be said that he was asking for it, and I would tend to agree, given the level of retardation at most of these events. However, he shows remarkable restraint. I would have defended myself in a manner much more offensive to those around me. Probably mace or pepperspray, or possibly a taser.

Follow the link through and ask yourself the questions at the end.

Why weren't there more police around?

Why would these people be afraid of being photographed?

How come we don't suicide bomb these demonstrations?(this may be a little extreme, but fire v fire eh')

Anyway I suppose it is their right to say and do these things.

Of course it is my right to kick them in the nuts as well for the very thing they said.(also a little extreme)


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