Monday, January 30, 2006

Ok, back to the insurance thing

This whole process is so fucked up, it has to be like that on purpose. I mean I can't honestly believe that anyone could make a process this bad and not know it. My wife went to the doctor with the eldest, and our old cards no longer work, but guess what, I have not gotten new cards yet. So she goes ahead and pays for the visit. I ask HR at work and we call and the new cards will be out this week. They actually showed up Thursday. I took them dutifully to the pharmacy so all the info would be in the computer, the wonderful lady at Walg****s calls me back,"MR. T3rrible, your card is not valid, it shows the begin date and then termination date are the same." I am obviously taken back, but she does not miss a beat like this happens all the time,"just call the insurance company and they can get it straight". Keep in mind I pay over 1000.00 per month for my health insurance alone. I am not happy about having to do someone's job for them. So I call and after a long wait on hold I get to a person who cannot find any problem on the system. I am prepared for this and immediately conference call in the walg****s lady, who tells the insurance lady what she sees form her end. The insurance lady is none to pleased by this turn of events. Anyway after some back and forth with me driving both of them like a herd of cats to finally solve the problem, we get it straight. Or so I thought. It turns out that I needed to do this for every one in my family SEPARATELY??!?!?!?!?!? WTF are you kidding me?? I found this out the next afternoon when I went to get a prescription for the youngest. Of course it was 5:01 pm on Friday and no chance in hell of getting anybody on the phone so I pay for it and call them this morning. I, in my opinion, ask very kindly to speak to the lady who helped me last week, she of course is out. I get a person who has no idea and surprise surprise sees no problem in the system. I get the pharmacist on the phone and do the same dance all over. I, in the kindest and gentlest voice I can, ask if she made sure to do the ENTIRE family this time and you can imagine the attitude, "of course I did" yeah yeah sure sure you did. Only time will tell if everyone survives this event unscathed.


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