Friday, February 17, 2006

I wonder if this will get on the air?


I voted with the majority. I can see several upticks in the economy. The particular industry I am in has not yet come around but I think it will soon enough. Being my age (34) I am not sure if I am qualified to discuss the economy as much as someone in their fifties due to the economic boom of the eighties and early nineties. I have never seen a real recession. I live a comfortable life, although some of that is due to my modest lifestyle of which I am fond. I spend more on some things that I should, guns being the main culprit. However, most firearms hold their value very very well and some actually appreciate, so I guess it could be said I am a savvy investor.

Speaking of investing, these days it is so easy to just sit back and dump money into a 401k or something like that and watch it grow. I wonder where the economy would be had those type of accounts been pushed to the boomers more. That would be a lot of money in the system.

I think that a person should be able to refuse social security benefits if they want. Obviously they are not enough to live on these days so if you prepare properly then you don't need them. I know that this would frankly be communism because the government would be taking from me and giving to others, but if only needy received benefits then there would be plenty to go around. I have not figured out how to keep people from scamming the system though.....well not every idea is perfect. Do I have to do everything? I have given you the broad strokes now go make it work.


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