Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good fences make good neighbors...

via News from the Border

I cannot begin to estimate the damage done to the US everyday through our very porous southern border. I have to echo Kim on this, if the Republicans lose the upcoming midterm elections I believe border security will be the reason. We are at war yet everyday over 20000 people enter our country illegally through our southern border. That is over SEVEN MILLION per year. All it takes is one with a chemical or biological or, God forbid, a nuclear weapon and the 2.2 billion dollars(at the highest estimate possible) to build a fence will seem like a pittance. Look I want the next guy to get everything he can but do it legally . Do not sneak into my country, break my laws, and expect me to like it. I am all for a Minuteman type project. As far as I am concerned the ONLY function of the federal government is defense, which includes border security, and infrastructure. Everything else should fall to the states. I am not going to get into an education rant but you know what I mean.


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