Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers Win and so do I

I won most of my bets. I lost the half time score because some dumbass who gets paid a hellava lot more than I do cannot do the one and only thing he is supposed to do. I mean c'mon if you only have one thing to do at your work don'tcha think you would be pretty good at it. I bet the massage girls are good at "happy endings". My boy PB lost most of his money to me. He shoulda kept his one good eye on it. That'll teach him. MV is not even married yet and he is PW bad, I mean bad. He has a large chip lead and basically gives it to me because she says "I think it is time to go". Maybe she was on my side from the jump.

Side note, is a great site to, um, deal with. Try them out.


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