Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who knew it would run your car and get you drunk


This is a great article on the potential of an alcohol based fuel system. I know that the technology exists for the US to be free from the oil blackmail we currently live under. What I cannot understand is the political reasons it is being held back/suppressed. I wonder if the oil terrorists have more people and institutions in their pocket than we even realize.

This brings me to another thought that has been getting lonely in my head, I really believe that we will get into a war with Iran and that small, so called battlefield/tatical, nukes will be used. I cannot see a way out of this and I pray everyday that China does not decide to take Taiwan back at the very moment we are watching CNN from Tehran and we are faced with a two front nuclear war. I mean really think about it, the current US policy is to defend Israel and Taiwan both with our "nuclear umbrella" until a Carrier battle group can get into the area to "project force" to the region. This is a real life scenario, not a worst case one. Can we really afford this? Can we not afford to do it? Makes me care less and less about my credit card debt.


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