Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Durbin V. Mirengoff

Well Steve and I disagree on the quality of the "interview", I like the fact that he was there doing it. I firmly believe that this is the type of thing that will take hold. These professional political operators need to be held to actually answer the questions put to them. I get so sick and tired of questions being asked and the answer having absolutely nothing to do with the original question. I compare it to the movie Miss Congeniality, any question that the contestants were asked they answered "world peace" and everybody applauded. Durbin and his ilk do this time and again in print interviews and on TV. It has gotten to the point of parody.

Reporter: Senator Durbin, could you explain exactly why you and the other democratic senators are so up in arms about the NSA domestic spying under Bush and had no interest whatsoever when Clinton did the same thing?

Durbin: Bush took us to Iraq under false pretenses. He said there would be weapons of mass destruction and only a few thousand artillery shells with chemicals have been found.

Reporter: Ahhh, Senator, I asked about the domestic spying, and by the way aren't chemical shells weapons of mass destruction?

Durbin: The federal government was way to slow in its response to Katrina. We withheld supplies and assistance to the most needy.

Reporter: Senator, How is the weather?

Durbin: Cheney and Halliburton are making too much money.

Reporter: Is there really such a thing as too much money?

Durbin: I'll have three scoops of cherry garcia to go......

and on and on it goes. No useful answers to questions that for the most part are pretty lame to begin with.

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