Tuesday, February 07, 2006

About this whole Kelo BS

via uncle

If your home is not the place to make a stand where is? I mean really. I am not a nut and I really believe in the government, but my home? You want to take it? Good luck. Last year some folks were up in arms about free speech on blogs and the internet in general, while I am not for kiddie Pr0n and the like I will let a lot of things slide in the name of freedom. But I have come to the conclusion that being forced into moving against my will at well below market value may be the "line in the sand". This is not a declaration or anything crazy like that, but, if not then, when? If not me, who? And so on and so forth. The only sticking point is the whole swat team/sniper thing that will be on the other side of the door. This is a powerful deterrent but seems to be akin to the SS at some level.(do not remind me about Godwin's law). In all actuality I would subjugate myself and my family to the law but I would be really really pissed off. I guess the question is when is right(the law) wrong and what is to be done about it? And furthermore by whom?


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