Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney shoots fellow hunter...

Via Stop the ACLU

Sound pretty bad don't it? Well anyone who has ever hunted small game, birds especially, knows that the shot size is very very small. So small in fact that it will not go through most clothing. I am not forgiving Cheney for what happened, you have to know what is behind what you are shooting at, but, birds move quick and if someone gets separated from the group it is his/her responsibility to let the others know where he/she is. I am sure this guy will pull through and I also bet he will not hold the VP responsible in any way. Anybody wanna bet on it?

Update. Thanks for the link Uncle. I want to be clear. I am not letting Cheney off the hook for this. I think it is a terrible example of firearm safety/handling. I am thankful that it WAS birdshot and not 00 Buck. That would have been a different story indeed.


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