Thursday, May 04, 2006

Go Tigers Go...

Talked to a Liberty Bowl official today and he is very excited about the SEC Conference USA matchup for the next Liberty Bowl. Perfection for me, Memphis V. Arkansas. Full stadium good game. The rules say we cannot repeat a game we played during the year so Ole Miss and Tennessee are out, so that leaves Florida(ouch), Alabama(ouch, but not as bad), Vandy(we would kill them), and South Carolina(tough game). Then of course the Hogs. I am a razorback fan from way back, as far back as the southwest conference days. Can you say Cotton Bowl Vs. Longhorns? I knew that you could. Anywaaaaay, he also said that Tiger Coach Tommy West is very happy about this years team. I think we could be the sleeper in the conference. Nobody will be looking for us with DeAngelo gone. I think we could easily go to a bowl. We will see.


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