Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson, Who gives a shit?

Is it just me? I really don't care at all that some whiney rich actor in hollywood got a DUI. Furthermore the fact that there may be a few anti-semites in Hollywood shocks anybody is ridiculous. Let's face facts, they are mostly leftards who go where the wind takes them. They don't have a whole spine between them all. And as far as morals go, well let's just say they may be a wee bit short in that department.

I lump this in with the whole Dixie Chick thing, I don't go to movies and concerts for political views, so what they think or say is irrelevant as long as I am entertained, as long as I get my moneys worth. I think if more folks had this opinion then the things actors and performers utter would be ignored. The only reason those idiots get any airtime at all is because someone pays to read or listen to what they have to say. I mean really, Natalie Maines as an international diplomat, HA. She can sing well, let's leave it at that. Unless she is making me a sandwich once she gets done singing she can leave.


Anonymous Infoman said...

Natalie Maines is a country music singer and songwriter, who achived success as the lead singer for the successful female country group, the Dixie Chicks.

1:40 PM  
Blogger t3rrible said...

yeah, so? I know this, I was being ironic. I was saying she is not a diplomat so why does anyone care what she says about world events.

Try to keep up. If I have to explain the jokes it makes them less funny.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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