Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Health insurance, wow who knew

Well I am in the process of changing health insurance plans at work. I got the list of doctors from my wife and went on my way to make sure that I would not have to change. Well holy snikies, I was not nearly prepared for all of the info I needed to have to be able to figure this out for myself. Once I gathered the info I was able to determine that we can keep all the same doctors except our pediatrition. My wife is VERY unhappy with this particular turn of events. I have to pay more and don't get to see the doctors I want. Now we are in the mode of ask our friends who they see and trying to find a good fit. I know that insurance is a necessary evil but OMG this is torture. It seems that they(insurance) wait until you are good and settled with great doctors and a plan you like and then lo and belhold, It either goes up by 20% or is being "phased out".

It is all a shell game to me.


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