Saturday, February 18, 2006

I can't believe the gall of these guys

Via Sondra K

and Mrs. Malkin

I say fuck Ham-ass. I think Israel would well within their right of self defense if they just did a "Dresden" on the whole area. I mean really give extermination a shot. The Israelis have given, in my humble opinion, way way to much. And what have they gotten in return? The splodydopes (h/t Misha) elected the worst case scenario.

I wonder in my secret place if it may not be time to just say fuck it and give them an ultimatum, if one more innocent dies by your hand then we (western civilization) carpet bomb a major middle eastern city. Of course we would give a weeks notice so anybody who wanted to leave could. Then just go and level the place. Let them police their own, I think attrition would eventually get the best of them. I cannot see where anything short of this approach will ever work out. We just don't play by the same rules as they do and they use it against us everyday. And one more thing, I do not want to hear from one person saying any shit about how this will be taking us down to their level or any drivel like that. I say you have to know your enemy to defeat them.


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