Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My house gun

After reading a comment thread at uncles I have a few comments/thought of my own. I did not see anyone mention the fact that they can't be home at all times and what does the wife/family do then? I cannot picture my small wife handling my 20 inch Mossberg 500. Likewise I cannot see her with the AR. I know she can hit whatever she points the Glock 19 at. I keep two spare mags in the lockbox, small kids in the house, and she knows to keep herself and the kids in the bedroom and shoot five then look at anything coming through the bedroom door. If it is still coming shoot the last ten and reload. I see people talk about overpenetration and I worry since the kids are in the house but as long as I keep all shots above four feet no small ones in the way.

If I am home then all the same rules apply except I go offensive. She and the kids behind the bed and I go out with the twin brother of mister Glock 19. I have decided that I am willing to kill to defend my children. No harm shall come to them.

I can't be concerned about what a jury might or might not think later. I am going to use the best available firearm and ammunition to defend my family and fuck anyone who says boo. If they want to put me in jail for that, well it will mean I was successful in my primary objective and I am still alive. In that vein I keep blacktalon and glazers in the ready mags. No warning or retreat will be given. If you are in my home you have crossed a line, from civilized to predator.


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