Sunday, March 12, 2006

All of this crap disgusts me.

Via Michelle Malkin

I have always been a conservative supporter. I have not always agreed with all of the practices of the right but it boils down to lesser of two evils.

That, my fellow subjects is the real evil. We only have two choices and they both SUCK. Bush sticks to his guns, even to a fault and the right has spent the US into the debt ceiling. Now you might be asking, whats wrong with sticking to your guns? Well, Bush has not had a gun to stick with on many issues he should have faced head on. He needs to control his party and get back to being the small government conservative he is supposed to be. I have heard several figures thrown out about the size of the federal government now vs. Clinton times, but if I take the middle road it is still BIGGER. WTF??? How does this translate to smaller government? Don't even get me started on the war on terror but leaving our borders wide open. This is a conundrum of epic proportions. Like jumbo shrimp.

Don't get me wrong I still detest the liberal and almost every thing they do. It is funny if you look at what the liberal party and organizations like the ACLU say on their face then most reasonable people would support them. Instead they take the worst road from their origins and go into alternate realities I cannot even understand.

I don't have an answer to the problem. I know if I want to find a candidate I am completely happy with I will have to form my own party and run myself. I could call it the Common Sense Party. CSP, kinda has a nice ring to it. The problem with this approach is that third party's are not usually viable, again, the aforementioned evil.

So the question remains, what is a reasonable person to do? It all comes back to the lesser of two evils, who sucks less, which will steal from me the least, who will take away less of my freedoms and liberties?

No choice but which one is not as bad as the other. That my friends is the real evil.


Anonymous Debbie said...

The common sense party (CSP), I like that. I think you would have a LOT of people join, me included. I'm conservative, but sometimes I just want to pinch Bush's cheeks and say, "what were you thinking???"

3:06 PM  

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