Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Via Drudge

I have been wondering how long before the total lack of protection to our nations infrastructure was exploited. Now don't get me wrong, I hope this was not a case of that, but it seems a little to coincidental.

There are miles and miles of unprotected pipeline alone. If you add in bridges and tunnels it becomes a little bit of a nightmare. Living in Memphis, where we have two of less than a dozen traffic bridges across the Mississippi, we also have the worlds busiest cargo airport, and a naval personal base, if you don't worry about potential natural or man made disasters you are crazy. I am not nor have I ever been a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if the government would not keep a pipeline breach or similar issue quiet to keep chaos from resulting. They might chalk it up to an accident. I know this post rambles and has no real point, but I am just expressing a vague unease. So take that for what it is worth to you.

Those of us who are self described "gun nuts" also spend a lot of time and energy being prepared for thing that have a very small chance of occurring, but, how do you prepare for not being able to cross a river? This would shut down almost all of our nations commerce. If stores cannot get product they can't sell it. Picture going to the grocery store and the shelves being empty. Now I figure most folks who read this blog are calm and collected enough that this would not send them into another dimension of fear, but we are the minority I assure you. Total panic would ensue. We would all be forced to fall back on ourselves to take care of our own families. Then we will see who is better prepared.

Wow, as I reread the last two sentences they sure do seems off the chart in the paranoid department, but I wrote it and there it will stay. I still believe it to be true though.


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