Thursday, February 23, 2006

I want a Politically in-correct dog

H/T Uncle

The family has been on me a lot since we had to put the best dog ever down over a month ago. They all want a puppy. I am not ready, not from an emotional standpoint, well not entirely, but I know how long it takes to get a dog into the groove and be an asset not a pain. All they can think about is cute and cuddly, all I can think about is puppy poop, whining at night, and chewing.

Well since I know that it is a foregone conclusion that we will get another dog I want an American Bulldog. I have done some research and I think this is about the best fit for my family besides a rotty like we had. We (I) want a bigger dog, a smarter dog, an inside dog, a companion dog. The ambull fits all of these in spades. Now this is not the kibbles and bits dog but the cheaper by the dozen bulldog. You can see the difference in the two pictures posted here.


Blogger mike said...

Sorry to hear about your dog passing. I've been through similar with a cat.

Don't rush getting a new dog. Let it come when you're ready.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like (and have) ABs. They're not for everyone. Need plenty of exercise and attention. Be good as an only dog. Can be problematic around dogs if not socialized. Tough as nails and love kids though.


8:44 PM  
Blogger t3rrible said...

I thought you had a bull terrier for some reason.

Yeah she will be an only dog, and inside with us most of the time. Any pointers on a breeder in west tn.?

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:12 PM  

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