Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A mans house is his castle.

Not anymore. Via uncle

He has been really keeping up with the whole eminent domain thing around the nation. I posted a while back about the fact that I believe your home is the place to make a stand. This would only be prudent in very certain circumstances and you would lose, but, I still believe it. If the state wanted to put an interstate through my house and offered me a decent price for my home, I would move. I know the operative word is "decent" but anywhere within 20% of local value would do.

If they wanted to take my home to put up condos or build a mall then I might balk. Now I need to clarify here that for the right amount of money I would move and I would not care one iota what they put here. So that makes some of what I am saying hypocritical but I see a difference.

This would have to be stand that I though would make a difference. I mean cameras and media all over and local folks on my side. Not just me and my AR in the den waiting on the swat guys. This would be a stand to wage in the media and in streets. Not an easy bill to fill.

A mans home is his castle...Not any more.


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