Monday, May 08, 2006

File this under: No Shit Sherlock

Via Geek with a .45

Although I admire the geek for all his insane math ability, I will give you guys the readers digest version. I will also speak up for those of you who may not be clear on this;

over 80% of the violent crimes committed in the US are committed by less than 1% of the population.

So if we extrapolate that out, it means simply, gun control, knife control, crossbow control, trebulchet control, and any other infringements on law abiding persons rights are having ZERO effect. What we need is CRIMINAL CONTROL. Lets start by legalizing all drugs and taxing the crap out of them. Lets face it War on drugs? What a joke. I, a person who does no drugs at all and has not for a long time, can get any drug you can name within a few hours time. So that is a lost cause. So that will free up tons of room in our prisons. Next run all prisons like the sheriff in Arizona, he gets it. These guys are criminals, they gave up their rights when they committed their crime. As soon as they pay their debt, they can come back to civilization, until then Screw 'em. Put people away for a really long time when they commit a crime. If you rape, you get put away until you can't rape again say your eightieth birthday. If you rob someone same deal, you stay in until you are no longer a threat. Not a lot of octogenarian robber around. Then if you get caught a second time, boom, you are done. Out of the loop and off the reservation. You are no longer a member of society. You will remain in prison for the rest of your life. This approach will free up all the money being currently spent on prisons and the wasted effort on drug control. It will also create a significant tax revenue on the sale of the now legal drugs.

It seems like I just turned most state budgets from red to black. Am I just that good?

Common sense rules.


Anonymous xmaddad1 said...

If politicians had any sack they would pass a law that states "If you use a weapon capable of deadly force in the commission af a crime, then the penalty is death." Any criminal who uses a weapon in the commission of a crime has already made the decision to take a life to get his ill gotten gains and as far as I can see has already given up his 'right to life' in society.

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