Thursday, May 04, 2006

We need to have a goose and gander talk

Via Malkin

The conservative right movement is going to die. It will kill itself by inaction.

There, I said it. We all know it. We all have seen the writing on the wall. We are to fucking nice to these leftist dickwads when they exercise their right to free speech. What about my right to be able to go to a presentation by a person I am interested in hearing and not having to be subjected to your utter stupidity? When did I subjugate that right to you? You liberal dipshit. If I wanted your entirely wrong opinion I would have taken it from you at my convenience. The next time I am see this type of behavior I will confront and dissuade the person(barely) doing the disturbing. I don't go to their leftist circle jerks and knock the dicks out of their mouths why do they want to bother me? Well no more I say. This is it. I will go this far and no farther. Cross this line at your peril.

You have been warned.


Blogger fairest said...

'too' fucking nice. not 'to' fucking nice. If you're going to curse, why not use good English?

12:19 PM  

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