Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'll Say...

Via The Hog

The last paragraph is the meat. I will excerpt here:

Oh, yeah. While you're having fun, remember that Christmas has something or other to do with that "Christ" guy. In a world where most religions see God or the gods as selfish, capricious jerks or apathetic administrators who don't care about human suffering, Christianity alone recognizes God as a person who loved us so much He came to earth in the form of a man and allowed Himself to be tortured to death by His jeering enemies so we could be free of the consequences of our own evil deeds.
A lot of religions require the sacrifice of human beings to please gods. Christianity's God sacrificed Himself for the benefit of human beings.
As end-of-the-year gifts go, that one is hard to top.

And there you have it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

These guys are going straigh to hell...

just like their momma said...(my favorite drivin and cryin song)
Gotta love

Two things,

I think Bryant Gumble is a poor excuse for Al Michaels. Chris Collinswoth, however, is pretty good.

Second thing, I roll over to my hit counter and HOLY SHITE!!, over 100 hits today alone. Thanks to SAY UNCLE for the link.

Most folks usually say something about if you like what you read here blah blah...

I do this totally for my own amusement. If something strikes me, ala Gumble, then I post, if not then well it may be a bit sparse here sometimes. So check back often as I am bound to come up with something witty eventually.

Go Cowboys

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Now that is damn funny

Via terpsboy

I love it when I come across something like this, just a sudden laugh out loud.