Monday, January 30, 2006

This is very well said.

I must agree

I am a firm believer in you get what you work for. I have been fortunate in my life, but I still work as hard as I can each day and by doing that I will continue to do well.

Uncle makes a funny..

true dat

A man walks up to the White house gate. I am here to see president Kerry. The marine at the gate says, sir, Bush is president. The next day the same man walks up to the gate and says, I am here to see president Kerry. The guard says, rather irritably, Sir, Bush is the president. The next day the same man walks up and says, I am here to see president Kerry. The guard has had enough. He says Sir, you have come up here for the last three days and asked to see president Kerry, and every time I tell you that Bush is the president. The man answers, I know I just love hearing it.

Ok, back to the insurance thing

This whole process is so fucked up, it has to be like that on purpose. I mean I can't honestly believe that anyone could make a process this bad and not know it. My wife went to the doctor with the eldest, and our old cards no longer work, but guess what, I have not gotten new cards yet. So she goes ahead and pays for the visit. I ask HR at work and we call and the new cards will be out this week. They actually showed up Thursday. I took them dutifully to the pharmacy so all the info would be in the computer, the wonderful lady at Walg****s calls me back,"MR. T3rrible, your card is not valid, it shows the begin date and then termination date are the same." I am obviously taken back, but she does not miss a beat like this happens all the time,"just call the insurance company and they can get it straight". Keep in mind I pay over 1000.00 per month for my health insurance alone. I am not happy about having to do someone's job for them. So I call and after a long wait on hold I get to a person who cannot find any problem on the system. I am prepared for this and immediately conference call in the walg****s lady, who tells the insurance lady what she sees form her end. The insurance lady is none to pleased by this turn of events. Anyway after some back and forth with me driving both of them like a herd of cats to finally solve the problem, we get it straight. Or so I thought. It turns out that I needed to do this for every one in my family SEPARATELY??!?!?!?!?!? WTF are you kidding me?? I found this out the next afternoon when I went to get a prescription for the youngest. Of course it was 5:01 pm on Friday and no chance in hell of getting anybody on the phone so I pay for it and call them this morning. I, in my opinion, ask very kindly to speak to the lady who helped me last week, she of course is out. I get a person who has no idea and surprise surprise sees no problem in the system. I get the pharmacist on the phone and do the same dance all over. I, in the kindest and gentlest voice I can, ask if she made sure to do the ENTIRE family this time and you can imagine the attitude, "of course I did" yeah yeah sure sure you did. Only time will tell if everyone survives this event unscathed.

Friday, January 27, 2006

This is a must read.

via smallest minority

This just goes to prove what I have been saying, criminals are not law abiding. Any type of "gun control law" just penalizes people like me and do nothing to actually solve the "problem" of firearm violence. I am putting together a much longer post on this to come.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh the humanity...

I was never sick a day in my life until my two wonderful children came along. Now like animal experiments if they get sick so will I. No matter how much hand washing or vitamin taking I do, like death and taxes, I will get sick. I am in the midst of a particularly bad one now. 100* fever and bad cough. I turn from a force to be reckoned with into a mass of winy petulance under the covers. It is really quite horrible to behold. My loving wife takes great care of me and rushes me to rest(she is actually doing it right now). I have to go.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

And then the car blew up..

Misha had me rolling with this one.

I really have to hand it to him, his particular wit is rarely lost on me. I love the pure vitriol and it cracks me up. It also puts in stark perspective how much the Israelis have to put up with. He seems to be one of the few who will daily stand up and be counted among those who think you should negotiate from a position of strength.

Should we start a pool on who does it first?

I know someone is going to put Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his pervebial place, but who and when? I hope that it will be a coalition of western countries in including the EU, US, and Israel. I know, however, that the US has to do all of the heavy lifting in this type of affair so I suppose the sooner the better. I would be totally in favor of a lend lease act relating to Israel now like we did with Britain in WWII. We could give them the hardware, they already have to fortitude to do it.

Look lets get right to the meat of this thing. He is obviously trying to pull a Saddam. Bluffing and blustering while trying to hide/complete his NBC weapons. Israel should take care of this right soon and they would be within their rights to do so I think.

ACLU What should it do and what it does.

American: 1 : of or relating to America

Civil: 1 a : of or relating to citizens b : of or relating to the state or its citizenry

Liberties: 1 : the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases b : freedom from physical restraint c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges e : the power of choice

Union: 2 : something that is made one : something formed by a combining or coalition of parts or members: as a : a confederation of independent individuals (as nations or persons) for some common purpose

The above are from Merriam Webster online. I have taken the definition I think is most relative to this post.

So what should an organization that as it's name has a group of individuals grouped together to protect the liberties of it's (American) citizens do? This seems like a pretty simple question to answer, open and shut right? Wrong. Instead of protecting the rights and liberties of citizens it tries to destroy those rights by judicial process. I am no expert on all of the cases the ACLU has been involved in but a quick look around the internet and I am pretty certain that most of their activities are ANTI civil liberties. At the very least the ate anti Christian. It seems that it is ok for someone to carry a ten inch knife on campus with them because it is part of their faith, but it is not ok for any students to pray before a game on the same campus. Is this equal protection or anti Christian? I believe in what the ACLU says it stands for just not in the ACLU.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at or Gribbit at You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already on-board.

Your vote is your voice

Go Vote

These guys are all invaluable to the gunblog world. Say Uncle is my "blogfather" and Kim is the man. I wish I could contribute 10% of what either one of them does but I haven't gotten there, YET.

My choices:
1. Kim
2. Uncle
3. Countertop

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wow, you said it.

I have two young children and two teenage half sisters. I am scared for all of them. I want to keep them locked up at home and protect them for harm and disappointment. I know, however, that I would be doing them a dis-service by doing that. It is only through trails and tribulations that you grow and mature to be a good person.

This guys says it better.

Carnival Of Cordite #44

Via Gullyborg. I love this particular carnival. It has lots 'o good gunny stuff. My favorite is this one.

The soldier shrugged... then replied, "Recoil."

Holy Shite. I laughed and laughed.

Next week is number 45 and in keeping with that, only .45 cal related posts.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I had to laugh

The Glenn Makes a funny.

I would not compare Moore to Bin Laden. I mean except for the comedic reasons. The differences are pretty major, especially the weight difference and also one is an America Hater and the other is a Saudi Terrorist.

I have been thinking about this kid..

via schultzie I think that the parents of the pellet gun kid will sue and will probably win. My issue is with the legislature trying to make even more laws making it illegal to point a toy gun at an officer. I am pretty sure that will take care of itself in the long run(Darwinism). I would be in favor of a law that prohibits suing in cases where the officers had every right to do EXACTLY what they did. I admire police for the job they do. I could not be a policeman. I would shoot somebody on the first day, either because I asked them to get out of the car and they told me to go F myself or because some jackass would do something like this pellet gun thing and I would say to myself, in the blink of an eye, I am going home today no matter what, and would blast the forementioned idiot into the next life.

I have mentioned on this blog before of my affinity for the use of common sense. This seems like a good time to use it. Look at the situation, grieve for the parents of and for the child, say "oh well he got what he asked for", and go on with life. Case closed.

Warning.... This is a downer.

I had to put the family dog to sleep on Tuesday, she had been ill for about a year. Although with no obvious symptoms. We had her for over twelve years and she was the best dog I have ever had or known, ever. She was great with the kids and a wonderful companion. My wife and I cried like babies when we had to take her. We will miss her.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Misha lays it down.

Emperor Misha, who will be on the blogroll as of today, slaps down an article by a person opposed to Wisconsin CCL. I cannot for the life of me understand why some people think it is ok for them to decide if I can carry a firearm or not. Why should they have a say in my rights? I can't decide what they say or how they worship so how is that any different? I just do not get it. Then some folks say why do you need a gun, to which I reply because I WANT ONE. No other reason is needed, it is called FREEDOM. Look it up. The next argument is why do you need all of these different type and sizes of guns....see above.

At some point the GFW are going to have to get out of my gun cabinet.

50 Cal, sniper, five foot long machine rifle....WTF???

from Uncle

The real meat is the last paragraph in the article. Like Uncle says, I want one of those. If I had one I promise not to shoot jet planes going 500 miles and hour out of the sky from 7 miles away.
Sheesh, it is no wonder people are afraid of some guns. They have become like giant squid, nobody has seen one like they describe, but if they did it might be scary.

Tigers 88 - Vols 79

Whew, that was a tough game. The Vols came to play. After Dane Bradshaw called the whole Tiger team "gangbangers and thugs" I assumed we would trounce them. It did not turn out that way. The vols came out with an intensity I have not seen in a while. They had the right game plan to give themselves a chance. They played very aggresivly and the refs let both teams play.

The Fe Ex Forum was sold out and there was not more than twenty orange jerseys in the whole place. Tiger blue through and through.

Shawne Williams really stepped up in the second half and although he took a beating he never let up and finished the Vols off down the stretch. D-Wash had a good game as well as Rodney Carney. All in all a good showing. i was a little worried because we had been so sloppy over the last few games but after Bradshaws' comment I had high hopes.

Go Tigers Go. RPI OF ABOUT TWO!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Really? You gotta be shittin' me

From the AP

"Black more likely to celebrate MLK day"

Uncle had a wonderful take on this. I tend to agree, I was unaware of a holiday until the mail did not come. If I had needed the bank I might have even cussed. I wonder why we do not celebrate George Washington day or at the very least Abraham Lincon day as it runs in the same vein as MLK. Anyway Just wondering.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm a realist

So says a quiz linked from say uncle. He got neocon.

I, like uncle, did not like some of the answers and none of the above was not available, so...

I have often considered myself an isolationist. I have been in favor of letting the world take care of itself, but in the last few years I have come to understand that we cannot isolate ourselves like we could in the fifties. ICBMs go from/to anywhere. I know that the US must try to head off obvious threats while trying to uncover and defuse less obvious ones.

And it just makes me sad...

Instapundit has a funny take on the Ex vice-president.

Me, I think he is an F-ing moron who can't keep his stupid mouth from running over any good sense he ever had. I mean he has gotten almost like a SNL parody or something. I can't take anything he says seriously now.

Being from Tennessee, I have seen the highs and lows of the Gore family. They started out as high society criminals, much like the Kennedys and Rockerfellers, but have run the gambit through respected civil servant to blustering idiot. His daddy would be very proud.

Why does Monday suck so bad?

I have had computer problems at work. Weather related issues at work. Kids sick at home. All because of it being Monday. I want to boycott this day and just start back on Tuesday.

On a side note, I came up with several JBM references;

It's hard out here for a JBM( from hustle and flow)

JBM'n aint easy

Bring me a banana Congac Beotch, said JBM

I know these are not great but I had them so now you do too.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

John Bolton's Moustache

This is pretty funny. Read the comments.

I had several but by the time I got to the bottom only one had not been taken.

The force is strong with JBM.

What about the Colts?

In a comment thread at Ace's I lamented my Cowboys not being in the playoffs and then went on to cheer for the Colts. This is due to my home state connection with Peyton Manning. Well the Steelers have jumped out to a 14-3 lead at the half and seem to be dominating the Colts at every turn. I hope Peyton can turn this around.

UPDATE: Well I guess Mike V. will be out of the limelight for a while.
H/T P.B. as I had already turned off the TV.

Final 21-18 Steelers Defense

Saturday, January 14, 2006

OOOH I want one of these.

The shiznit

I bet traffic is not an issue in this baby. Either fly over or "move" it out of the way via a J-Dam or two.

One shot stop a myth??

After reading this, I am less sure of my carry weapon which I have mentioned in previous posts. I don't know if this is a trend or an isolated incident. I suppose at the very least I should upgrade my ammo. And possible TWO extra mags.

SOAB I did not even notice what day it was yesterday

New kitchen gadgetry

Macy's had a small quisinart food processor on sale, I was a little afraid of its tinyness but it has performed like magic. I had recently burned up my old one and was going back and forth between getting a new one or moving up to a kitchen aid stand mixer. The Kitchen aid is a better piece of equipment but also about $150 more. I think(hope) I will be happy with this one.

Redskins trying to lose

Joe Gibbs has to be livid. His team has gotten three turnovers and only converted on one. Don't get me wrong I am glad but, I still don't like to see bad football.

Go Seahawks

I am actually double against the 'skins. I am a Cowboy fan and also an old time Seattle fan, so I hope the 'skins lose.

I would have thought it would be a cakewalk for Seattle but not so far.

Had dinner at a friends house on friday night, had mexican. I usually do not like mexican but his was more than edible. I think I actually edible too much.

The discussion of the evening was funniest movie of all time. I voted Caddyshack but was overruled by Holy Grail. It went on in that vein. We compared and contrasted the different funny movies from the last two decades.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Boom Boom

I hope to get to the range this weekend to get some Boom Boom time. I think I am going to go to all the local ranges and do a review of each and report my findings here. What pertinate info should I get?

rental available

I can think of four indoor ranges and one nice outdoor range in the Shelby county area.

I think this is a task I will enjoy. Maybe I can invite some other local bloggers to go.

Its Friday, you aint got no job, you aint got shite to do

I love that movie. I know it is not the height of wit, but I still laugh at it.

I am at work waiting on a few of my people to get done so I can go home. Friday afternoon is a very slow time for me. I have benn busting arse all week and now I can rest some.

I went to Hog on Ice today and Steve says he is going to typekey for his comments. That sucks although I understand why. It is the price of success.

A show of hands, who thinks we should "loan" Israel some long range stealth bombers.


I know that Diplomacy must be tried but, I think it works better if while you are at the negotiating table you are moving men and machines into place. It send the right message I think.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

You are known by the company you keep

Judge Maryanne Trump Barry on Sam Alito

I know that Alito will be confirmed, but this must really stick it in the nose of the Dems who have been slandering him for the last three days.

I am confident that Alito and I will disagree on some issues, But I also know he will have the letter of the law on his side.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lurking at AoS

So the question is to lurk or not. I try not to lurk but sometimes you just want to read and leave. I know that it is antisocial, but I digress. Ace had a lurkers unite post and it got pretty interesting. I also found a new blog to check out, Mrs. Peel, she seems to be a Sci Fi fan like myself except with a more realist slant. Anyway good luck to her.

Feel free to lurk if you like.

This is the most important thing you will read today.

If you are married that is.

have you come home from a hard days work, got some dinner, sat down to surf the web or watch some TV, and BAM, you get blindsided by...."You don't help around here" or "how come I have to do everything in this house". Well sit back and learn a time tested way to prevent this from ever happening again.

Ok, here is my secret for a long lasting trouble free marriage.

A list.

seems simple enough. Well let me tell you it is really that simple.

A few caveats:
1. Your wife/husband cannot be a total nutbag.
1.a I know this will leave out several folks but a small amount of maturity is needed for this to work.
2. Honesty is a must. You must say what you will do and follow through.

ok, with that out of the way here we go..........

1. sit down with your significant other and list all of the things that he/she would ever possibly ask you to do or want done on a regular basis. This might include, make dinner, wash some clothes or dishes, make the kids lunches, give kids a bath, or whatever, you get the idea.
2. put all of these in a list format.
3. Have your significant other note what needs to be done each day and have it ready when you get home from work.
4. Do the things on the list and VIOLA, you are a hero.

a few more caveats:
a. you must be allowed to do the things when you see fit as long as they are all done before you go to bed.
b. you must be allowed to do things as you see fit.
c. if for some reason you cannot do a thing, then it must be discussed as soon as you see the list not at 10:00 o'clock at night.

In my experience even if every thing on the list is marked I can do it all in about and hour or so. No more nagging while the game is on. No more "when are you going to ...." Everything is upfront and no surprises for you. You can plan your evening and get it done at your leisure.

I know you are saying to yourself, but she will mark everything on the list and not do anything herself. She will be sitting watching Oprah or someother crap like that. Well, see caveat number 1. I might suggest at that point seeing an attorney because let me assure you, you will need one soon enough. Most sane women(is that an oxymoron?) will only mark just what they can't get done themselves. They are usually better at doing most things domestic and would prefer to do it all themselves but just simply do not have the time.

I have toyed with the idea of putting this in a book and trying to sell it. It really works that well. But I will give it to you for free. I love ya that much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So since this is not anonymous it is legal??

Seriously, these people are kidding right? I mean C'mon, really, you think this is going to get you anywhere besides in a bad way?

For Christ's sake, get a clue.

But seriously folks

I went to the range today after work to get some rest and relaxation. I took My glock 19 and 26. Also, keltec p32. The keltec is my daily carry gun, don't you dare give me grief about size. I am about 6'3" and weigh about 250, I don't need to stop them just slow 'em down a'bit. I guarantee if I put three of seven in you, you will leave me alone. Anyway, I am a big fan of small concealable guns. I forgot to take the camera along and my phone takes abysmal pictures so I will post some pics next time. I have gotten lax in my precision shooting. I have been going just to let loose and have lost some accuracy. Anybody have any ideas on how to cope with that? I go about three times a month and although I love it I cannot make myself spend the extra time to really get good at shooting. Let me say that I am capable of 8.5 to 9 on a consistent basis but I do not enjoy the tediousness of it. I really enjoy going and shooting. No scores. Does this make me a bad person, Hell no. If you don't like it....Lillian...It's my house...Lillian....,.get the F out.

Battlestar Galactica

Ok so I know I am tagging myself as a Sci Fi geek but I just got done watching BG that I tivo'ed on Friday, that shite rocks! If you are asking TiVo or BG, Both rock.

I got TiVo for Christmas, it has totally changed my TV habits. I probably watch to much TV, but I would just be on this infernal machine otherwise. I have been recording to DVD the new Stargate and BG so I will have them to watch again. I am trying to keep the TiVo HD clear as possible so I will have room for Days of our lives for the wife. Oh yeah Oprah too. God, Oprah sucks so bad. I can feel my brain being sucked out whenever I am in the same room and that crap is on.

Health insurance, wow who knew

Well I am in the process of changing health insurance plans at work. I got the list of doctors from my wife and went on my way to make sure that I would not have to change. Well holy snikies, I was not nearly prepared for all of the info I needed to have to be able to figure this out for myself. Once I gathered the info I was able to determine that we can keep all the same doctors except our pediatrition. My wife is VERY unhappy with this particular turn of events. I have to pay more and don't get to see the doctors I want. Now we are in the mode of ask our friends who they see and trying to find a good fit. I know that insurance is a necessary evil but OMG this is torture. It seems that they(insurance) wait until you are good and settled with great doctors and a plan you like and then lo and belhold, It either goes up by 20% or is being "phased out".

It is all a shell game to me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

A few things about me

I toyed with the whole anonymous thing or not. I kind of went middle of the road. Anyone who knows me will know this is my site as soon as they see it. Those of you who do not know me yet, well, you will soon enough.

I am a small l libertarian with a tough conservative streak and some constitutionalist thrown in for good measure. I believe in personal liberties above almost all else.

I am a strong supporter of the second amendment and all it entails.

I honestly believe in government. I know that there are a few bad apples but the system can be pure at it simplest form. I also believe it is up to us, the people, to keep it simple and not let it get corrupted by anything. I know that as I get older I get WAY more cynical. I know it. I try to keep my good nature but everyday it gets beaten further and further down.

I believe that it is up to each individual to gather information and decide things for themselves. Anyone not willing to do this deserves whatever they get by their inaction.

I love my family and would gladly kill anyone or do anything to prevent any of them from suffering for a second.

For now I will hold up on getting more specific. I think that gives you a good idea what this blog will be about, but I will endeavor to keep an open mind.

Tone, look before you leap

Ok so I had an issue about three years ago where an elder and much respected person in a group I am associated with sent me an email which seemed to berate me and belittle my contribution. I showed this to a few trusted friends and they agreed. I wrote back a stern reply reminding this person of certain things, anyway, after a heated exchange we met in person and realized that I had mistaken the tone of his first message. I learned a valuable lesson that day, email while very useful and almost necessary, can be taken in the wrong way just by not having tone. So I say all of this because it happened again today. I had a commenter on this blog post something that I could very easily take as a flame. I will however take it as a helpful suggestion, no flame or malice intended. So Jon, wherever you are, thank you.

I think this is what they mean when they say unproductive.

I am at work, way past lunch break, blogging.

Anyway, I did not,in fact, watch BNB last night. Too much language for the kiddos. I will however watch later just me and the Mrs.

I got a bump from say uncle. He rocks. His site is on my read everyday list. Actually all of the links on the right are on that list, funny how that works.

I wonder if a few long posts or many short will be better for me. I don't want to ramble and my spelling and punctuationis atrocious. maybe shorter is better, even though I get several emails daily telling me otherwise.

If someone posts an annoying comment anonymously they are breaking the law. I cannot for the life of me understand when the government got so interested in my day to day life. Well,beyond taxing me to death. I think this is a bad law that will come back and bite somebody in the arse very hard.

Well now to get back to my real job, trading dead fish for money.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whew, finished.

I got finished with the decorations. Everything in the attic all tucked and cozy. I threw away the lights which made it a little easier. They seemed dim and I want new ones.

I am about to watch Bad News Bears on DVD, I will pass along an opinion.

I know I promised a list but I don't want to shortchange this so I am waiting until time presents itself.

Short list likes:
common sense
use of above
good food( I guess everybody likes this)
Personal liberties ( I will expand greatly on this)

Short list dislikes:
display of above
Bad Sci Fi

That should hold you for a little while. I know you will wait with baited breath.


I have asked and received permission from the folks on the right. I felt funny about linking them without asking. I know that sounds a little silly. Just how I was raised.
I have asked a few more just have not heard back yet. I will probably link the big ones even if they don't respond, I think they get a lot of email.

I joined the Rockytop Brigade today. I am officially a west TN. blogger. I think I fit in well with the general population of blogs there.

Still getting my thoughts together on that post about myself. You only get one chance to make a first impression. I want to be honest and specific.

Funny note... the spellchecker for posting on Blogspot does not recognize blog, blogger, spellchecker, or blogspot.

So I thought I would have some time today...

I neglected to check my schedule with the wife. I am taking down Christmas decorations today, of course!
I will get to the declaration of beliefs later today.

I will also note interests and likes/dislikes.

Pretend this is my Playboy centerfold bio without the hot chick.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Not yet

just trying something out.

Carnival Of Cordite

This is sort of self explanatory.

Lots o' Pretty Gun Stuff

look, pictures

Sit, stay, good dog.

King Kong....well, it was long.

My loving wonderful wife(in case she reads this) had the pick of movies tonight. We alternate each time we go. Anyway... she chose King Kong, well I can say it was the worst movie I have seen this year. That being said I should mention that I have only seen one so far but this one will be tough to beat. It could have been ok I think if it had been about an hour shorter and a little less heavy handed on the CGI.

Any way, I think I am really going to get into this whole blog thing. Tomorrow I am going to put up my basic opinions on most things. My....basic tenents if you will.

ok, so now I am bored.

just kidding. Actually I am waiting on my wife, we are going to go see King Kong. I hope it is better that I think it will be.

I think the babysitter just arrived, that is a subject for later.

I alos just finished making some scoop and bake cookies for the kids. I have to say, whoever invented those is a genius. I use an airbake cookie sheet, no bottom burn.

I am really getting the hang of this.

Second post, I am really cooking now.

wow that was easy

I just set up my own blog. It took about one minute. When they say anybody can do it, they are not kidding.