Monday, February 27, 2006

Makes me want one

Via Uncle

I am not sure if this is real or a spoof but it does paint an accurate picture.

In most cities police response time are measured in minutes. How much harm can be done in one minute? I or my family will defend ourselves and when the police arrive, they can clean up.

I want to be clear, I am in no way speaking ill of the police. I think they do a wonderful job with the resources they are given.

How bad does this piss me off???

Via Kim

Basically the state of california, and others, has taken a double crap on the Constitution. First off they deny my right to keep and bear arms as afforded me by the Second Amendment, then they proceed to wipe and do it again by crapping on article Nine. I can't understand why these laws have not been throw out?? I mean it is written right there in black and white.

I suppose it follows using their logic that we in the great state of Tennessee do not have to recognize any of the laws of california as we see fit.

Was there a question in there?

Watch this video of Michelle Malkin....

Can you believe that guy. I must admit that if I were in the same situation I would have just asked, " and your question was....." I know this would sound snarky but c'mon. I am so sick of kids at universities who have not been in the job market or the "real world" lecturing a well noted author and columnist about racism. I mean who the f**k does this guy think he is? He is a white kid who I am willing to wager has mommy and daddy to thank for his college and he can't even be bothered to be clean shaven for a seminar. By the way, did anyone notice the "audience" I saw more pink hair and tattoos than at a concert. How do these kids think they are going to get a job with a tattoo on there neck? He lectures her on racism and how would he know even the first thing about it? Especially as compared to an asian woman. Well I am becoming more and more convinced that all liberal arts colleges and universities should be tented and gassed. This would be better for the nation in the long run I assure you.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Can I say Fair? It is easier to spell than carnival

Carnival(fair) of the Cordite

This is a wonderful roundup of firearm related posts.

I love it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I want a Politically in-correct dog

H/T Uncle

The family has been on me a lot since we had to put the best dog ever down over a month ago. They all want a puppy. I am not ready, not from an emotional standpoint, well not entirely, but I know how long it takes to get a dog into the groove and be an asset not a pain. All they can think about is cute and cuddly, all I can think about is puppy poop, whining at night, and chewing.

Well since I know that it is a foregone conclusion that we will get another dog I want an American Bulldog. I have done some research and I think this is about the best fit for my family besides a rotty like we had. We (I) want a bigger dog, a smarter dog, an inside dog, a companion dog. The ambull fits all of these in spades. Now this is not the kibbles and bits dog but the cheaper by the dozen bulldog. You can see the difference in the two pictures posted here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My house gun

After reading a comment thread at uncles I have a few comments/thought of my own. I did not see anyone mention the fact that they can't be home at all times and what does the wife/family do then? I cannot picture my small wife handling my 20 inch Mossberg 500. Likewise I cannot see her with the AR. I know she can hit whatever she points the Glock 19 at. I keep two spare mags in the lockbox, small kids in the house, and she knows to keep herself and the kids in the bedroom and shoot five then look at anything coming through the bedroom door. If it is still coming shoot the last ten and reload. I see people talk about overpenetration and I worry since the kids are in the house but as long as I keep all shots above four feet no small ones in the way.

If I am home then all the same rules apply except I go offensive. She and the kids behind the bed and I go out with the twin brother of mister Glock 19. I have decided that I am willing to kill to defend my children. No harm shall come to them.

I can't be concerned about what a jury might or might not think later. I am going to use the best available firearm and ammunition to defend my family and fuck anyone who says boo. If they want to put me in jail for that, well it will mean I was successful in my primary objective and I am still alive. In that vein I keep blacktalon and glazers in the ready mags. No warning or retreat will be given. If you are in my home you have crossed a line, from civilized to predator.

I do my own laundry.

Via uncle

I actually do. It is not because of some metrosexual thing or the wife makes me. I do it because she folds my shirts like an epileptic monkey on speed. I swear to G0d she just throws them in the air and however she catches them, that is how they get folded. So, since I am a firm believer in either let me do it my way or do it yourself, I do it myself.

I also do all the cooking and pay a lady to clean.

Yeah I am very very married (whipped)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

How much did you say?

According to this post Via Ace the city of Memphis is paying over two million dollars a year to "rent" the pandas. Our current contract with the Chinese runs out in 2013. Look I love our zoo and I also like the pandas but two million dollars?? I wonder if this money could be better spent. I have not seen anywhere if the pandas draw enough to pay for themselves or are we just trying to "keep up with the joneses"?

I suppose if I have no proof of an issue then I will let it lye but I will look into this and see if any concrete numbers have been done.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I can't believe the gall of these guys

Via Sondra K

and Mrs. Malkin

I say fuck Ham-ass. I think Israel would well within their right of self defense if they just did a "Dresden" on the whole area. I mean really give extermination a shot. The Israelis have given, in my humble opinion, way way to much. And what have they gotten in return? The splodydopes (h/t Misha) elected the worst case scenario.

I wonder in my secret place if it may not be time to just say fuck it and give them an ultimatum, if one more innocent dies by your hand then we (western civilization) carpet bomb a major middle eastern city. Of course we would give a weeks notice so anybody who wanted to leave could. Then just go and level the place. Let them police their own, I think attrition would eventually get the best of them. I cannot see where anything short of this approach will ever work out. We just don't play by the same rules as they do and they use it against us everyday. And one more thing, I do not want to hear from one person saying any shit about how this will be taking us down to their level or any drivel like that. I say you have to know your enemy to defeat them.

These are all good.

Via Dilbertblog

I can concur with almost all of these.

I also have heard that most bosses think all of their employees love them, when in fact the overwhelming majority hate not only their bosses, but also their jobs and coworkers. I wonder if that can be said where I work. I am kinda a boss, I wonder does everybody hate me? Naw, I'm such a lovable guy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I wonder if this will get on the air?


I voted with the majority. I can see several upticks in the economy. The particular industry I am in has not yet come around but I think it will soon enough. Being my age (34) I am not sure if I am qualified to discuss the economy as much as someone in their fifties due to the economic boom of the eighties and early nineties. I have never seen a real recession. I live a comfortable life, although some of that is due to my modest lifestyle of which I am fond. I spend more on some things that I should, guns being the main culprit. However, most firearms hold their value very very well and some actually appreciate, so I guess it could be said I am a savvy investor.

Speaking of investing, these days it is so easy to just sit back and dump money into a 401k or something like that and watch it grow. I wonder where the economy would be had those type of accounts been pushed to the boomers more. That would be a lot of money in the system.

I think that a person should be able to refuse social security benefits if they want. Obviously they are not enough to live on these days so if you prepare properly then you don't need them. I know that this would frankly be communism because the government would be taking from me and giving to others, but if only needy received benefits then there would be plenty to go around. I have not figured out how to keep people from scamming the system though.....well not every idea is perfect. Do I have to do everything? I have given you the broad strokes now go make it work.

I am not a fan of the cock...

From Ace

I almost passed out from laughing at this. I work in a food related industry and even I am amazed at the things that people will eat, even among my own employees, and especially those weird Asian dishes. Let it be know far and wide that I, t3rrible, am no fan of the roasted cock.

Canadian seal cock, ROTFLMAO

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I want one, I want one...

Via Anarchangel

This is so sweet. I currently carry the p32 which by my own admission is a little too small for the job, but it carries so nicely. I can't wait for this to come out.

How can nobody be seeing this?

via Bloomberg

How is it possible that neither the main page of Fox news or CNN has anything, not even a blurb about the fact that oil, the lifeblood of the US economy, has fallen for the last few days until it is below $58.00 /bbl. This is nothing short of an economic boom. I believe that had a Dim been in office this would be front page news. But since W is in, nothing.

What liberal bias???

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney part two.

Shamelessly stolen form Halfbakered

Let's review:

Cheney 0
Kennedy 1

That is all.

part three:

from Kim

US Vice President Shoots A Lawyer
Subhead: VP’s favorable ratings close to 100%

tee hee hee.

Yeah Baby Yeah..

From Stop the ACLU

About time somebody stood up and said it. The Constitution of the United States is a legal document. You cannot change what it says any more than you can stop paying your mortgage because your contract is a living document and you think it says you can. This is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard.


Now it can be changed by a vote of the representatives of the people and an approval of the president. This has been done and usually with good reason, suffrage, slavery. Sometimes not, prohibition. So lets review, one, it says what it says and fuck off if it does not agree with your way of thinking. Get your party elected and change it legally, not by using so called "activist judges". I call them traitors and will do so to their face. Two, and I think most important, if it says the people in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth, and tenth and these apply to you being able to worship and say what you please, be secure in your home, none of your property to be taken without compensation, keep all of your other rights, and reserve the rights not given to you or the government expressly, then how in the bloody fuck does the second mean the fucking national guard who had not even been called to service when it was written. I mean WTF???

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney shoots fellow hunter...

Via Stop the ACLU

Sound pretty bad don't it? Well anyone who has ever hunted small game, birds especially, knows that the shot size is very very small. So small in fact that it will not go through most clothing. I am not forgiving Cheney for what happened, you have to know what is behind what you are shooting at, but, birds move quick and if someone gets separated from the group it is his/her responsibility to let the others know where he/she is. I am sure this guy will pull through and I also bet he will not hold the VP responsible in any way. Anybody wanna bet on it?

Update. Thanks for the link Uncle. I want to be clear. I am not letting Cheney off the hook for this. I think it is a terrible example of firearm safety/handling. I am thankful that it WAS birdshot and not 00 Buck. That would have been a different story indeed.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I am an Olympics watcher.

It is like an addiction. I turn into such a homer when the Olympics are on. I root for all the US teams. My wife likes to watch ice skating and I like speed skating, ok, I like the ice skating as well. The story about Chad Hedrick is a good one. He is the in-line skater turned speed demon. He is current world champion and seems like a shoo-in for a gold. It looks like we will not be in medals in the pairs skating event.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good fences make good neighbors...

via News from the Border

I cannot begin to estimate the damage done to the US everyday through our very porous southern border. I have to echo Kim on this, if the Republicans lose the upcoming midterm elections I believe border security will be the reason. We are at war yet everyday over 20000 people enter our country illegally through our southern border. That is over SEVEN MILLION per year. All it takes is one with a chemical or biological or, God forbid, a nuclear weapon and the 2.2 billion dollars(at the highest estimate possible) to build a fence will seem like a pittance. Look I want the next guy to get everything he can but do it legally . Do not sneak into my country, break my laws, and expect me to like it. I am all for a Minuteman type project. As far as I am concerned the ONLY function of the federal government is defense, which includes border security, and infrastructure. Everything else should fall to the states. I am not going to get into an education rant but you know what I mean.

Chris Muir nails it.

Day by Day

This is the point of King's legacy. He, in my humble opinion, would have never stood for the racebaiters and hustlers using him and his work to further subjugate Americans of color. I like to believe he would have told them all the truth, that THEY are the problem. While I acknowledge that racism exists, I know that a lot of it, if not the majority, are due to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

About this whole Kelo BS

via uncle

If your home is not the place to make a stand where is? I mean really. I am not a nut and I really believe in the government, but my home? You want to take it? Good luck. Last year some folks were up in arms about free speech on blogs and the internet in general, while I am not for kiddie Pr0n and the like I will let a lot of things slide in the name of freedom. But I have come to the conclusion that being forced into moving against my will at well below market value may be the "line in the sand". This is not a declaration or anything crazy like that, but, if not then, when? If not me, who? And so on and so forth. The only sticking point is the whole swat team/sniper thing that will be on the other side of the door. This is a powerful deterrent but seems to be akin to the SS at some level.(do not remind me about Godwin's law). In all actuality I would subjugate myself and my family to the law but I would be really really pissed off. I guess the question is when is right(the law) wrong and what is to be done about it? And furthermore by whom?

Durbin V. Mirengoff

Well Steve and I disagree on the quality of the "interview", I like the fact that he was there doing it. I firmly believe that this is the type of thing that will take hold. These professional political operators need to be held to actually answer the questions put to them. I get so sick and tired of questions being asked and the answer having absolutely nothing to do with the original question. I compare it to the movie Miss Congeniality, any question that the contestants were asked they answered "world peace" and everybody applauded. Durbin and his ilk do this time and again in print interviews and on TV. It has gotten to the point of parody.

Reporter: Senator Durbin, could you explain exactly why you and the other democratic senators are so up in arms about the NSA domestic spying under Bush and had no interest whatsoever when Clinton did the same thing?

Durbin: Bush took us to Iraq under false pretenses. He said there would be weapons of mass destruction and only a few thousand artillery shells with chemicals have been found.

Reporter: Ahhh, Senator, I asked about the domestic spying, and by the way aren't chemical shells weapons of mass destruction?

Durbin: The federal government was way to slow in its response to Katrina. We withheld supplies and assistance to the most needy.

Reporter: Senator, How is the weather?

Durbin: Cheney and Halliburton are making too much money.

Reporter: Is there really such a thing as too much money?

Durbin: I'll have three scoops of cherry garcia to go......

and on and on it goes. No useful answers to questions that for the most part are pretty lame to begin with.

From Insty

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers Win and so do I

I won most of my bets. I lost the half time score because some dumbass who gets paid a hellava lot more than I do cannot do the one and only thing he is supposed to do. I mean c'mon if you only have one thing to do at your work don'tcha think you would be pretty good at it. I bet the massage girls are good at "happy endings". My boy PB lost most of his money to me. He shoulda kept his one good eye on it. That'll teach him. MV is not even married yet and he is PW bad, I mean bad. He has a large chip lead and basically gives it to me because she says "I think it is time to go". Maybe she was on my side from the jump.

Side note, is a great site to, um, deal with. Try them out.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's the carnival yall...

go see it. Number 46

This is a great place to see guns and shooting from different perspectives.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I laughed and laughed

Via Sondra K

This may be the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I hope no Baptists order a dunking on me.

Your vote is your voice part two

Via Uncle

Go vote for the GUNNIES. I personally agree with all of the choices. I think that it falls in exactly the order I voted for. Does that make me good or lucky and if so which is it better to be?

Who knew it would run your car and get you drunk


This is a great article on the potential of an alcohol based fuel system. I know that the technology exists for the US to be free from the oil blackmail we currently live under. What I cannot understand is the political reasons it is being held back/suppressed. I wonder if the oil terrorists have more people and institutions in their pocket than we even realize.

This brings me to another thought that has been getting lonely in my head, I really believe that we will get into a war with Iran and that small, so called battlefield/tatical, nukes will be used. I cannot see a way out of this and I pray everyday that China does not decide to take Taiwan back at the very moment we are watching CNN from Tehran and we are faced with a two front nuclear war. I mean really think about it, the current US policy is to defend Israel and Taiwan both with our "nuclear umbrella" until a Carrier battle group can get into the area to "project force" to the region. This is a real life scenario, not a worst case one. Can we really afford this? Can we not afford to do it? Makes me care less and less about my credit card debt.