Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I know Kung fu, Karate, Tae Kwan Do....

and several other asian words.

See this treatise from The Hog on the power of Chi.

I love this guy. Also, if you have not, I highly recommend buying one of his cookbooks, Eat What You Want and Die Like A Man.

Look it up on amazon.

No, Muhammad Fuck You

Anonymous said...
fuck you and your site suckers
4:08 AM

Anonymous said...
fuck ammerica.
4:09 AM

These are some comments I got from the Mohammed hamster dance thing over at Aarons. They both came from 66.21.219.# (BellSouth.net). I suspect this guy had a thing for his mother and also liked his little sister a lot as well. What a puss. If this guy had a life he might not be looking at this stuff at 4:30am. Fuck Him, Fuck whatever pisshole country he calls home.

How's that for some American arrogance?

Nice spelling by the way, dipshit.

If they come back I will taunt them a second time.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Coconut, satan's fruit

if you don't get it just google, banana and Kirk Cameron for the back story.

Too funny.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

More cartoon silliness

Via Malkin

This stuff cracks me up. Stick and stone may break my bones but cartoons make me blow shit up.

Can we get Norman V. Peal on the phone? Those islamoidiots need some serious help.

I was going to try to draw some stupid cartoon to get in on the act but this one is much better...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Aaron the islamodope slayer

The MoHamster Dance: The MoHamster Dance

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Like a car wreck you can't look away from..

I love these guys..

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New place to hang out

The Gun Blogs

It will be a place for "gun types" to hang and keep each other up to date on new trends.

Thanks to Say uncle for getting it set up.

Drop by and take a look around.

Hot Damn what a rush....

Via Anarchangel

This guys writes the book on gun discussion(literally). He makes every point and then debates them. He looks at everything from every angle. If there is a better gun writer out there I have not found him.

Monday, May 08, 2006

No shit Sherlock part deux

Via Malkin

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but Rush Limbaugh and Patrick Kennedy will not and have not gotten the same treatment from the media. I am not sure why this is a story unless you just want to point out, yet again, that the MSM has a hard left lean.

I will admit Rush left himself open to some of this with his throw the book at 'em stuff, but he and Paddy boy had about the same issue, of course Rush never crashed into anything twice on two weeks, and Rush was blasted and Paddy was given a pass. They both admitted their issue,good for them, they both are seeking or sought treatment, good again, but one was handled with kid gloves by the authorities and one was investigated up to his prostate. I guess I am most angry at myself for this not being a big deal to me. I am so used to the double standard that I hardly notice it anymore.


The tax cuts for the wealthy have not been the death of us all. If our esteemed leader had kept his promise of not spending us into oblivion we would actually be better off now than last year.

Via Kim Du Toit

It says that so far this year more taxes are being collected than last year. Every group is contributing more. Corporations and personal. So I guess this means the democrats were wrong yet again.

Go figure.

File this under: No Shit Sherlock

Via Geek with a .45

Although I admire the geek for all his insane math ability, I will give you guys the readers digest version. I will also speak up for those of you who may not be clear on this;

over 80% of the violent crimes committed in the US are committed by less than 1% of the population.

So if we extrapolate that out, it means simply, gun control, knife control, crossbow control, trebulchet control, and any other infringements on law abiding persons rights are having ZERO effect. What we need is CRIMINAL CONTROL. Lets start by legalizing all drugs and taxing the crap out of them. Lets face it War on drugs? What a joke. I, a person who does no drugs at all and has not for a long time, can get any drug you can name within a few hours time. So that is a lost cause. So that will free up tons of room in our prisons. Next run all prisons like the sheriff in Arizona, he gets it. These guys are criminals, they gave up their rights when they committed their crime. As soon as they pay their debt, they can come back to civilization, until then Screw 'em. Put people away for a really long time when they commit a crime. If you rape, you get put away until you can't rape again say your eightieth birthday. If you rob someone same deal, you stay in until you are no longer a threat. Not a lot of octogenarian robber around. Then if you get caught a second time, boom, you are done. Out of the loop and off the reservation. You are no longer a member of society. You will remain in prison for the rest of your life. This approach will free up all the money being currently spent on prisons and the wasted effort on drug control. It will also create a significant tax revenue on the sale of the now legal drugs.

It seems like I just turned most state budgets from red to black. Am I just that good?

Common sense rules.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

We need to have a goose and gander talk

Via Malkin

The conservative right movement is going to die. It will kill itself by inaction.

There, I said it. We all know it. We all have seen the writing on the wall. We are to fucking nice to these leftist dickwads when they exercise their right to free speech. What about my right to be able to go to a presentation by a person I am interested in hearing and not having to be subjected to your utter stupidity? When did I subjugate that right to you? You liberal dipshit. If I wanted your entirely wrong opinion I would have taken it from you at my convenience. The next time I am see this type of behavior I will confront and dissuade the person(barely) doing the disturbing. I don't go to their leftist circle jerks and knock the dicks out of their mouths why do they want to bother me? Well no more I say. This is it. I will go this far and no farther. Cross this line at your peril.

You have been warned.

Go Tigers Go...

Talked to a Liberty Bowl official today and he is very excited about the SEC Conference USA matchup for the next Liberty Bowl. Perfection for me, Memphis V. Arkansas. Full stadium good game. The rules say we cannot repeat a game we played during the year so Ole Miss and Tennessee are out, so that leaves Florida(ouch), Alabama(ouch, but not as bad), Vandy(we would kill them), and South Carolina(tough game). Then of course the Hogs. I am a razorback fan from way back, as far back as the southwest conference days. Can you say Cotton Bowl Vs. Longhorns? I knew that you could. Anywaaaaay, he also said that Tiger Coach Tommy West is very happy about this years team. I think we could be the sleeper in the conference. Nobody will be looking for us with DeAngelo gone. I think we could easily go to a bowl. We will see.

Funniest Quote I heard today

Via Malkin RE: Pat Kennedy

As they say:
Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

I know this is not a funny subject, but these guys have gotten a pass for so long it is funny in a fucked up way.

Just as I did when Cheney shot dude in the face, I will give the benefit of the doubt. But as they say the apple does not fall far.....

Also Via Stop The ACLU

Lots of other Blog discussion of this event. Lots o' funny links

Monday, May 01, 2006

MeCHa Morons

Like Decepticons only different. Via Malkin

Listen to the rantings of some liberal leftard who can't even keep her swipes straight.

"The US is a land of racism"
" The US imperialistic government blah blah"

Sean Hannity then asks the obvious question,"if America is so bad why would anyone want to come here?"

The MeCHa chic said it was because NAFTA had taken all the jobs from Mexico to the US.



Malkin very calmly vivisected her entire argument, but of course MeCHa was not swayed from her fallacies in the least. I mean why would she? Reason and logic, pfft, who needs it?

So now I am a Carolina Panther Fan...

They drafted my boy, DeAngelo Williams, in the draft on Saturday. I have always been a little resentful of the newest east coast team since I thought Memphis should have gotten a franchise. Oh well, all water under the bridge. I may even get that stupid panther growl ringtone(yuk). Of course as soon as DeShaun Foster gets hurt, DeAngelo will be the starter. Just noticed they both have the weird two capitol letters in their first names, weird.

That second ball is Tommy West, head coach of the Tigers.