Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Ok so I know I am tagging myself as a Sci Fi geek but I just got done watching BG that I tivo'ed on Friday, that shite rocks! If you are asking TiVo or BG, Both rock.

I got TiVo for Christmas, it has totally changed my TV habits. I probably watch to much TV, but I would just be on this infernal machine otherwise. I have been recording to DVD the new Stargate and BG so I will have them to watch again. I am trying to keep the TiVo HD clear as possible so I will have room for Days of our lives for the wife. Oh yeah Oprah too. God, Oprah sucks so bad. I can feel my brain being sucked out whenever I am in the same room and that crap is on.


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