Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is the definition of stupidity.

Via Yahoo news

California wants to line a canal that brings water from the Colorado River with concrete to prevent seepage which is taking away too much water. Two parts of this caught the attention of my crazy detector:

A group of Mexicali farmers and businesses has sued in federal court in Las Vegas to stop construction; a hearing is scheduled April 24.

So they can sue in our courts to ge our water without paying?? Does this make any sense?
Also this little gem:

Critics also say migrants may die crossing the 175-foot-wide
canal because the concrete lining will deprive desperate swimmers of tall
grasses to grab. Although the canal appears calm, migrants who cram onto
inflatable rafts can be swept away by a fierce undercurrent.
Nine people died in the canal last year, down from 29 in 2001, according to the Imperial County coroner's office. The drop tracked a shift in border crossings to Arizona as the U.S. government heightened enforcement in California. The coroner's office says canal drownings could rise if California ever regains favor among illegal border crossers. To prevent such deaths, crews will build ladders 750 feet apart on both sides of the concrete lining to give desperate swimmers something to grab.

So why exactly are we making it EASIER for illegals to get into our country?? What could possibly be the reason for this? Why don't we make it easier for criminals to escape prison or easier for pedophiles to find little children. All of these
things are against the law and yet they get very different treatment. I think the CSP is coming more and more to becoming a reality. I think a viable third party candidate does have a chance based on border security alone.


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